Fire Alarms

Residential Fire Alarm Systems

(Installed and Maintained To BS 5839)

Chevron Alarms can supply and install Fire Alarm Systems to meet any requirement, e.g. Fire Certification of a building, Insurance recommendation, part of a Fire Precautions Risk Assessment or a Local Government requirement.

We are experienced at liaising with architects, fire safety officers and building contractors to ensure that the system is designed and installed to meet the specification required.

We offer full 24 hour call out facility in the event of any problems. To ensure that the Fire Alarm System is always in a fully operational condition, we offer full annual maintenance and service facility.

Chevron Alarms are an NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Fire Gold approved company,
accredited to the BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) SP203 scheme for the design, installation, commissioning, handover, verification & maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems to British Standard 5839 Part 1 and BS5839 Part 6.

Chevron Alarms are also registered members of the FIA (Fire Industry Association) and the FSA (Fire and Security Association). This ensures our clients receive the very best service, to latest industry standards with all systems designed, installed, commissioned and maintained by our own fully qualified staff.

Below is a brief description of some of the components that make up a Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm Master Control Panel

Usually located in the entrance lobby or reception of the building, they come in various sizes and use different technologies to control the system e.g. conventional zoned panel or the more advanced analogue addressable. They are primarily designed to give you information e.g. state of the system, any faults etc., location or zone in the event of the fire and various test and reset facilities.

Smoke Detectors

These devices will automatically detect smoke in the area of the building they are installed to protect. We use Optical, Ionisation and Beam Detectors and select the correct detector for the location..

Heat Detectors

These detectors are installed in areas too hostile for smoke detectors to be used e.g. Kitchens, Boiler Houses and Laundries. Heat detectors come in a variety of temperature trigger settings and can be tailored to suit the environment requiring detection.

Break Glass Call Points

These are wall mounted units, finished in red, which trigger an alarm when the front glass panel is pushed and broken. These are located next to external fire exit doors, landing areas etc.

Fire Alarm Sounders

They can be traditional bells or electronic sounders (90/105 dB), normally red in colour and wall mounted; installed throughout the building so as to give a clear audible warning in the event of the fire alarm activating.

Fire Alarm Linked To Fire Brigade

The fire alarm system can be linked to the Fire Brigade via our Alarm Receiving Centre.
This can be via BT RedCARE, Digital Communication or Dual Com.

Chevron Alarms can design and install Intruder alarm systems to satisfy any requirement to protect either your home or business.

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