CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems

Residential Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)


Chevron Alarms can supply and install CCTV systems tailor made to your requirements to protect any size of property.

We will only specify the latest up to date technically advanced equipment, to ensure high quality performance and reliability.

Below is a brief description of some of the components that make up a CCTV System.


Each camera unit consists of a high resolution colour or black and white (monochrome) camera fitted with a suitable auto iris lens. If the camera is to be installed externally then it would be protected within an IP65 rated weather proof heated housing.

The camera can have telemetry controls allowing the camera to be controlled e.g. pan, tilt and zoom functions by programmed presets or via a controller at a separate location.

Duplex Multiplexer

The multiplexer is responsible for the rapid transferance of each camera’s image to the time lapse VCR or Digital Recorder. The images can be viewed in either single screen format or as a multi view, either live from each camera or recorded and played back from a VCR or Digital Recorder. The duplex multiplexer splits the image from each camera so an operator can view any camera in any format without affecting the recording of the overall system.

Digital Recorder (DVR)

This is the latest way to record picture images, digitally onto a hard drive. This gives you all the controls of a VCR but with no tapes or moving parts and gives faster retrieval of data with greater clarity. It can also be viewed remotely on a password protected PC. Recordings can be used for Police evidence, as the time and date are shown on the recording.

Chevron Alarms can design and install Intruder alarm systems to satisfy any requirement to protect either your home or business.

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