COVID-19 Policy

At Chevron Alarms, we continue to Install and Maintain Fire & Security Systems which help protect people’s lives and property.

We therefore continue to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure our customers are fully supported.

As the pandemic has progressed, we have taken our responsibilities very seriously with regards to the health & safety of our employees, their families and our clients, following up-to-date advice and guidance from the UK government, and our industries governing bodies; The FIA, BAFE and the NSI.

As the COVID-19 virus continues, and until a solution is found it is likely to pose a significant challenge to many organisations and we remain fully committed to supporting our staff and clients during this period of uncertainty.

In line with the UK Government’s guidance, Chevron Alarms have implemented the following actions.



Access Control

Commercial Door Access Control Systems

Chevron Alarms can supply and install door access control systems, to secure or control access to external and internal doors within a building. There are several different systems available; stand alone system controlling one or two doors or computer based systems that can control hundreds of doors with potentially thousands of users.

Door Entry Intercom System

This is a traditional type of system installed into Flats and Offices. The main external entrance door remains securely locked. When a visitor arrives at the building, they would push a call button on the door entry panel to operate a sounder in the flat or office. By picking up the telephone style handset in the flat or office you can have a two way conversation with the visitor and by pushing the release button on the handset the external entrance door can be electronically released, allowing the visitor to enter.

Door Video Entry Intercom System

As described in the above system, but with a small camera built into the external entrance control panel and a LCD monitor incorporated within the telephone style handset. This will give a visual image of who is at the external entrance door.

Proximity Access Control

Electronically locked doors can be unlocked by placing a proximity tag or card on the reader. Each tag or card can be programmed to give different access levels thus controlling the passage of people throughout the building. These systems can be linked into a computer to give a greater level of control and programming e.g. visual verification, payroll, clocking in and out etc.

Card Access Control

As described in the above system, but using magnetic swipe cards and readers instead of proximity.

Digital Keypad Access Control

These would be installed on designated doors. By entering a secret code number, a magnetic lock is released to gain access. These can be a standalone system or several can be linked into a computer controlled system.

Chevron Alarms can design and install Intruder alarm systems to satisfy any requirement to protect either your home or business.

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