COVID-19 Policy

At Chevron Alarms, we continue to Install and Maintain Fire & Security Systems which help protect people’s lives and property.

We therefore continue to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure our customers are fully supported.

As the pandemic has progressed, we have taken our responsibilities very seriously with regards to the health & safety of our employees, their families and our clients, following up-to-date advice and guidance from the UK government, and our industries governing bodies; The FIA, BAFE and the NSI.

As the COVID-19 virus continues, and until a solution is found it is likely to pose a significant challenge to many organisations and we remain fully committed to supporting our staff and clients during this period of uncertainty.

In line with the UK Government’s guidance, Chevron Alarms have implemented the following actions.



Emergency Lockdown Systems

Emergency Lockdown Systems

In recent years it has become necessary for schools, colleges & university’s and even some private sector premises to at least consider the need for emergency systems that draw attention to the fact that an incident may be taking place that might not require a full evacuation of the premises but yet may still require a certain safety routine to be followed by staff and visitors.

Examples of situations when an Emergency Lockdown Systems may be required are:-

  • An armed attack by one or more persons.
  • A bomb threat, either by telephone, email or in person.
  • A substantial fire or accidental chemical release incident in the local vicinity.

Chevron Alarms have specialist teams that have designed and installed these customised Emergency Lockdown Systems in schools and businesses, either in complete standalone form, or as an adaptation of your existing premises fire alarm systems.

Our initial aim is to try and utilise where practical all of your existing available safety systems as much as possible to keep your costs to a minimum.  These may be intruder alarm panic buttons, CCTV systems, Public Address Facilities and Fire Alarms, all integrated together to try and give you a coherent Lockdown Procedure.

Chevron Alarms can design and install Intruder alarm systems to satisfy any requirement to protect either your home or business.

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