Air Fire Detection Systems

Chevron Alarms have developed an air sampling smoke detection system, designed to be installed in the larger new build domestic house.

The detection will comply with BS5839-6 Grade B Cat LD2.

This will use a required number of very small air sampling heads, about the size of the tip of small finger, that will be ceiling mounted and continually sample the air in the room and return via a network of capillary and main pipes to a laser driven smoke detection unit. The smoke detection unit links into the main fire alarm system.

Air Sampling Heads

Each of the tiny air sampling heads will replace a conventional smoke detector head and base, and will cover up to 100 square meters.

Because of the higher cost of the air sampling smoke detection, the fire alarm system would be designed using conventional detection in general areas such as family room, standard bedrooms, staff areas, media room, secondary stair cases etc. Air sampling heads are not suitable for Kitchens.

With the air sampling heads being installed in feature areas such as:

  • Entrance Hall
  • Dining Hall / Room
  • Main Lounge
  • Art Gallery
  • Master Bedroom

Air sampling heads can be hidden in a variety of ways. Recessed into the side of coffered ceiling feature, built into a ceiling design, light feature or just on the ceiling as a small whole virtually flush fitting.

New Air Fire Detection Display Unit (How it works)

To try to explain the concept of how this form of Air Fire/Smoke Detection works, we have designed and had manufactured (at great expense!) a new display unit.

The pictures below shows the capillary and main pipes that are installed between the ceiling slab and plaster ceiling. You can see that this is quite involved for such small sampling heads. Each sampling head can provide the same detection coverage as a conventional smoke detector head.

Laser driven smoke detection unit

The main pipe that is installed between the ceiling slab, would then be routed back to the laser driven smoke detection unit that will be housed in a suitable service / plant room. This would then be interfaced with the main Fire Alarm System.

Chevron Alarms, Better By Design

We can design a comprehensive fire alarm system, that can now reflect the stylish décor and design that these properties deserve.

Chevron Alarms can design and install Intruder alarm systems to satisfy any requirement to protect either your home or business.

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